Qin Quan Jin Po Ni teapot by Wang Ye 汪葉


Qin Quan Jin Po Ni teapot by Wang Ye 汪葉

Fully handmade. 200cc. Comes with paper certification and photo showing the artist holding the teapot.



Shape: Qin Quan

Artist: Wang Ye (汪葉), niece of Wang Yinxian (汪寅仙)

Etching on teapot by: Xu Nan (Master of Ceramic Art in Jiangsu Province 2011 First Class)

Painting on teapot by: Not Applicable

Clay: Jin Po Ni (金坡泥)

Capacity: 200cc approx

Craftwork: Fully handmade

Comes with paper certification & photograph showing artist holding this teapot.


Now available for sale @SGD1588.00

We only sell Yixing Zisha teapots. We do not sell old/antique teapots.


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